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Prices and Application

Licence fees are calculated on a number of different factors. Please tick each option below, if appropriate, and then click the 'Calculate Price' button to find out the cost of your Wedding Video-Recording Licence.

My wedding video will include:

Music Recording from pre-recorded formats
Music from a commercial CD/tape etc. (whilst filming or added afterwards)
A disco at the reception

Live Music Recording
(congregation, worship or live band)
Hymns and worship songs sung during the service
Music/songs performed live whilst I sign the register
A live band at the reception

The finished video is likely to contain more than 25 minutes of live music
The total number of copies of the video/DVD including the original will be

If you are absolutely certain that no music whatsoever will be included on your wedding video/DVD or all the music being recorded is public domain this licence is NOT required. Please read the FAQ's for further information

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